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Diving in Visayas > Negros Oriental

Negros Oriental occupies the south-eastern half of the island of Negros, with Negros Occidental comprising the north-western half. One of the best diving spots in the Philippines is Apo Island, off the coast of Negros Oriental, near Dumaguete.

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Areas to dive in Negros Oriental


Dauin is the site of several beach resorts popular with both local and foreign tourists. Apo Island is part of the jurisdiction of the municipality of Dauin. The island is a popular site for scuba diving. It is accessible by boat, 30 minutes from the mainland.

Dumaguette City

Dumaguete City attracts a considerable number of foreign tourists, particularly Europeans, because of easy ferry access from Cebu City, the availability of beach resorts and dive sites, and the attraction of dolphin and whale watching in nearby Bais Bay.

Dive Operators in Negros Oriental