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Diving in Indonesia > Bali & Lesser Sunda Islands

The Lesser Sunda Islands is the area containing the island paradises of Bali, Flores, Lombok and Jimbaran.

Areas to dive in Bali & Lesser Sunda Islands


Jimbaran is a fishing village and tourist resort on the neck of the southern peninsula in Bali.


Lombok is just east of Bali, and is being promoted as an "unspoiled" version of Bali. Lombok is more Islamic than the predominantly Hindu Bali which might be why nightlife is quieter here.


Often overlooked as being "too touristy", Bali still offers acces to an amazing underwater wildlife, with particularly the northern coast famous for its abundance of mantarays.


Alor is located in the eastern part of the indonesian province Nusa Tengara Timur. The diving area is in the Pantar Street arround the islands Pura, Reta and Ternate between Alor and Pantar.


The coasts of Flores are mostly unexplored and practically all the diving is done on the north coast because the south coast is very rough. There are two main diving areas - Maumere and Labuan Bajo (see diving in Komodo and Rinca).

Dive Operators in Bali & Lesser Sunda Islands

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