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Sarawak is the largest and, certainly in terms of visitors per square kilometer, least touristed state of Malaysia. Nearly as large as peninsular Malaysia, the interior is covered in a thicket of impenetrable jungle and mountains and the great majority of the population lives near the coast or along rivers leading to the sea. The coral reefs around the city of Miri bordering Brunei have now been gazetted as National Park. These reefs boast some of the most pristine coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific with their profuse hard & soft coral growth. Coral lovers should not miss the opportunity of visiting these underwater world in their superb conditions.

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Tropical Dives offers total adventure travel, on land and under water. Miri has long been known for it's exotic national parks and caves, it's under water world is now gaining attention of scuba divers ever since the untouched coral reefs were discovered in recent years.Divers, from beginners to those who have dived all the world famous spots, have nothing but praise for the reefs around Miri.

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