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Diving in Bali & Lesser Sunda Islands > Lombok

Lombok is just east of Bali, and is being promoted as an "unspoiled" version of Bali. Lombok is more Islamic than the predominantly Hindu Bali which might be why nightlife is quieter here. 

The most developed area of tourism in Lombok is centered about the township of Senggigi. Senggigi and it's immediate surrounds contain the most developed tourism activities in the coastal tourism strip that is spread along a 30-kilometer strip of the coastal road north from Mataram and the nearby current airport at Ampenan.

Approximately 1–5 kilometers offshore from the mainland lie the three highly popular Gili Islands. These are most commonly accessed by boat from Bangsal near Pemenang, or from Senggigi.
Although rapidly changing in character, the Gili's still provide both a lay-back backpacker's retreat and a high class resort destination.

Other tourist destinations include Mount Rinjani and Kuta (distinctly different from Kuta, Bali) in south Lombok where surfing is considered some of the best in the world by leading surfing magazines. The Kuta area is also famous for its beautiful, largely deserted, white sand beaches. Sekotong, in southwest Lombok, is popular for its numerous and diverse scuba diving locations.

The northern west coast near Tanjung has many new upmarket hotel and villa developments centered about the Sire and Medana peninsular nearby to the Gili islands and a new boating marina at Medana bay. These new developments complement the already existing 5 star resorts and a large golf course already established there.

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Areas to dive in Lombok


For those not coming to Lombok via ferry from Bali, Mataram's airport is the natural entry point, however most serious divers quickly move on to theGili islands where there is some seriously good diving to be found.

South Lombok

In South East Lombok, the water conditions are variable and occasionally subject to rougher seas. Nevertheless the dive sites are well suited for divers of all levels.

Gili Meno

Gili Meno is the middle and smallest island of the three Gilis, and is the quietest of them. It has a salt lake, and great dive sites such as Meno Wall, Sea Turtle Point and Blue Coral Point.

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is the most popular among the three Gili’s. The main strip is full of accommodations, restaurants, and dive shops all within easy walking distance.


Senggigi is the main tourist strip of Lombok, stretched out along nearly 10 kilometers of beachfront just to the north of the capital Mataram.

Gili Air

Gili Air is the island closest to Lombok, and is the most populated, with local inhabitants that have unique cultures.

Dive Operators in Lombok