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Diving in Bali & Lesser Sunda Islands > Bali

Often overlooked as being "too touristy", Bali still offers acces to an amazing underwater wildlife, with particularly the northern coast famous for its abundance of mantarays.

Areas to dive in Bali


Seminyak is the most upmarket of the west coast's beaches, with high-end accommodation and mostly high-end restaurants and bars to serve its residents.


Sanur is one of the main beach resort areas on the south coast of Bali.

Nusa Dua

The term "Nusa Dua" can be used in two ways: either it can refer to the entire peninsula at the southern tip of Bali, or it can refer to the purpose-built, safe and sterile tourist enclave at the southeast side of this peninsula.

Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is the most popular of the 3 islands across the Badung Strait. The reefs are enjoyed by scuba divers and the snorkeling is awesome.


Kuta is a town in southern Bali, Indonesia. A former fishing village, it was one of the first towns on Bali to see substantial tourist development, and as a beach resort remains one of Indonesia's major tourist destinations.


Denpasar has various attractions. The white sandy beaches are famous all over the world. Some of the famous surfing beaches are Kuta Beach, Legian Beach and Canggu Beach. Sanur beach has calmer waters and is excellent for sunbathing.


Pemuteran is on the northwestern coast of Bali, very close to the Napoleon Reef which rises to withing five metres of the surface and slopes down to thirty metres to the north, providing some easy paced scuba diving in Bali.


Amlapura is the largest town in East Bali, and used to be known as Karangasem.


Singaraja is a quiet town with Lovina Beach only a few kilometers away to the west. Lovina Beach is pristine clean with plenty of accomodation but little nightlife to speak of. So, rise early and make the most of the diving.


Tuban is a former fishing village that, with it's more relaxed atmosphere has become popular with families with young children. It offers a white sand beach, a range of tourist attractions, and is only five minutes from the airport.

Alam Anda

Alam Anda is a small and very romantic holiday resort at the black-beach North-Eastern Coast of Bali.

Padang Bai

Padangbai is a small town in eastern Bali, Indonesia. It serves as a ferry port for travel to Lombok, The Gilis and other of the Lesser Sunda Islands.

Dive Operators in Bali

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Perhaps the only aspect of Bali more colourful and diverse than her culture is the underwater splendour that surrounds her shores. Whether an experienced diver, a new comer to the Ocean Realm, or completely uninitiated, Bali offers world class diving and snorkeling experiences for you.

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